Ep.25: Wiz Kids (Kyla Bolden)

Kyla Bolden is the president & co-founder of Wiz Kid Coding, a socially-minded startup that focuses on providing educational coding and STEM programming for kids ages 3 to 16. Since launching Wiz Kid Coding in the summer before her senior year of Tufts University in Boston, Wiz Kid Coding has taught over 1,500 children, in 20 schools and 2 countries in the last year. When she is not working, Kyla enjoys playing sports, reading, and developing her dessert-making skills.

Listen in as we talk about the rise of blogging on Tumblr, the value of technological literacy, and blockchain technology. 

Check out Kyla's suggested learning resources: Bitcoin.com, Crypto & Chill, Bitcoin.org

Reach out to Kyla on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Wiz Kid Coding.