EP. 42: Showing up as your authentic self (Victory Omotayo)


Victory Omotayo started out as a Sociology graduate and went on to work as an analyst in the Finance and Retail industries. While completing her Masters in Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology from the University of Waterloo, she worked as a contract consultant for Via Rail. She later went on to work as an Associate Consultant with the technology group at Accenture and now works in Partnerships at Shopify. She is currently the founder of her own company, Twenty-Four Hour Woman, a social enterprise that provides content, training, and resources to female budding entrepreneurs so they can start and scale successful businesses.

Listen in as we talk about battling racial stereotypes to the importance of peer mentorship.

You can reach out to Victory on Instagram, and LinkedIn. Learn more about Twenty-Four Hour Woman on their website, Instagram or via email hello@twentyfourhourwoman.com.