After spending 25 years building software products, Karen Catlin is now an advocate for women in the tech industry. She’s a leadership coach, a TEDx speaker, and co-author of "Present! A Techie’s Guide to Public Speaking." Formerly, Karen was a vice president of engineering at Macromedia and Adobe. She holds a Computer Science degree from Brown University.

Listen in as we talk about seeing the decline of women computer science majors since the 1980's, the keys to reaching the Vice President level, and public speaking tips for techies.

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Megan Adams graduated from the University of Ottawa, studying Communications with a specialization in Public Relations, worked in the PR and Marketing world in Toronto. Currently, Megan focuses on empowering teams through operational excellence as Product Operations Lead at Shopify.  

Listen to Megan's recommended Ted Talk "How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over".

Listen in as we talk product operations, hacks to achieve daunting goals and the value of knowing your career narrative.

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Kyla Bolden is the president & co-founder of Wiz Kid Coding, a socially-minded startup that focuses on providing educational coding and STEM programming for kids ages 3 to 16. Since launching Wiz Kid Coding in the summer before her senior year of Tufts University in Boston, Wiz Kid Coding has taught over 1,500 children, in 20 schools and 2 countries in the last year. When she is not working, Kyla enjoys playing sports, reading, and developing her dessert-making skills.

Listen in as we talk about the rise of blogging on Tumblr, the value of technological literacy, and blockchain technology.

Check out Kyla's suggested learning resources: Bitcoin.com, Crypto & Chill, Bitcoin.org

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