Yasmin Alameddine - Founder & Host 

Yasmin is the founder and host of Witty! In 2016, Yasmin graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Communication. Professionally, Yasmin enjoys working on partner management in the tech industry, first at IBM and currently at Shopify. In her free time, Yasmin dedicates her time to empowering women in the tech industry through her podcast, volunteering for ShEO and the Anita Borg Institute. 

Kaitlin Yep - Web Designer

Kaitlin is an artist and designer who creates and combines handcrafted elements into every design. With a keen eye for detail and a hunger for perfection, Kaitlin approaches each project with ease and precision. Her ability to recognize the power of visual excellence allows her to create masterpieces that tell a story. As a designer, she is prepared to go the extra mile to achieve pixel perfection.

Jenna Robinson - E-Mail Marketer

Jenna is a Communication major at Cornell University. From a young age, Jenna loved technology. She would edit short movies and tinker with computers. She hopes to pursue a career that marries her interest in IT with her passion for digital media production. 

Alysha Law - Producer
Alysha graduated from Western University with an Honours Specialization in Media, Information, and Technoculture. She has always had a keen interest in entrepreneurship, joining Venture for Canada upon graduation. She then went on to work for eSight, a biotechnology startup, and is now  working in content creation at MaRS Discovery District. 

Danielle Grinberg - Designer

Danielle is a designer and illustrator in New York City. After graduating from Cornell University in 2018, she was able to fully focus on her love for design all things aesthetically appealing. Danielle is the current Designer at VinePair, a wine, beer and spirits digital publication and media company. Design gives Danielle the opportunity to create, transform and tell meaningful stories through her art. Feel free to reach out to her at for design and illustration inquiries.